About Us

G J Moloney LLP is an established  Irish litigation and commercial law firm with offices in Dublin and Cork.

The firm has existed in some form or another for over 100 years with a solid reputation for getting results for our clients, whether in litigation, negotiations or commercial or property transactions.

Consistently achieving  results involves a variety of skills and factors. We pride ourselves in being an approachable, agile and partner led firm. Our solicitors tackle complex legal and commercial challenges on a daily  basis and maintain exceptional professional and ethical standards while bringing about results for our clients.

Most importantly, we always start by understanding what our  clients want to achieve. Your desired outcome is what matters most to us and informs every step of our process. We work back from your vision to plan the most efficient route to achieving your objectives.

The most effective means of representation usually requires us to draw on the skills of a number of specialised lawyers with know-how in specific areas. Due to this, we have extensive experience in establishing small and practical teams within the organisation as a whole, tailored to meet our clients’ needs. This also means that your representation is more cost-efficient as we can use the most appropriate level of experience for the different aspects of any transaction.

Our work comes from a range of litigation, corporate and institutional clients including private individuals, Irish companies, banks, multi-national companies as well as local authorities and state bodies. We frequently represent foreign clients which are either doing business in Ireland or are involved in dispute resolution in Ireland. We also  assist Irish based clients with legal issues or challenges in other European countries and the United States.

If our long standing expertise and strong reputation sound like the right fit for your case, get in touch with G J Moloney LLP’s dedicated legal team today.